Charles Dickens Hard Times. James chats with Deb Mc Andrew about the new play and her life
Hard Times Deb McAndrew - chats with James Watt
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Art The play on tour -  Find out more as Nigel Havers chats with James Watt
Nigel Havers on 'Art' - with James Watt
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Around the World in 80 days  Probably the best comedy you will see this year! James Watt caught up with the cast mid rehearsal
with Michael Hugo, Andrew Pollard, Dennis Herdman and Kirsten Foster  This has now ended - hear what you missed!
More Around the world Mid tour!
The multi award winning The curious incident...  find out about this show right here
A Judgement in Stone - a great show that keeps you guessing all the way though. Antony Costa talks about this and Blue
Strictly Murder is a great new murder mystery play touring the country - a really great story that keeps you guessing Brian Capron stars and chat with James Watt
Banff Mountain Film Festival is touring the UK find out more here 
Rosie Fuller talks about The Banff Film Festival - with James Watt
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