The bottle that gives you a
Whiff of Royalty

Royal Wedding Day Air

The gift that has to be sniffed at!
Royalty in a bottle
British history to keep
A true collectors item

Imagine owning part of the Royal Wedding.

A bottle of Royal Wedding Day Air gives you the opportunity to get a 'Whiff of Royalty'!

This unique product will soon be available to enhance your event , and add a regal smell to your celebration.

It’s like a fine wine - to be savoured and enjoyed with company


The perfect Royal Wedding Gift, Celebrate  with a bottle of Royal Wedding Day Air from Windsor. All from 

Our team of expert air collectors will be in Windsor to collect the highest quality royal air in the Kingdom 

This means you will have your own royal air to use in years to come. or maybe keep and pass down through the generations - a real family heirloom 

On May 19th 2018 billions of people will see Harry and Meghan get married. The biggest Royal event for years.

You will now be able to sniff the atmosphere

This will be a great item in any home. a fabulous talking point - and able to bring back memories of a fantastic royal event.

Your bottle of air could be kept for years and could become a collectors item.

Royal Wedding Day Air  a sniff and smell gift!

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