You can have a whiff of royalty

Available in many sizes  from Magnum, to 75cl, to  Sports bottle.

A Photo of the big day on the bottle

The regular 75cl clear bottle  will give enough for 20 good sniffs 

The sports bottle ideal for the keep fit royal fan. Have a quick snifter when you want some royal encouragement 

No Calories!
How we collect the royal smell
The gift of love

That’s right calorie free! Gluten free, no e numbers, no artificial colours!

At parties on the table you could now have wine , water and a bottle of royal wedding day air! Everyone could enjoy it  even vegetarians won’t come to any harm. Super models could even have 2 bottles and not go up a dress size - amazing

Royal Wedding Air - Bottle of Air might look

Our team of highly trained air collectors, will be stationed at key locations on the big day, to ensure the highest quality sniff for every bottle.

We use the very latest weather forecasting systems to make sure we are down wind of the royal party for a top sniff experience

we use specialised  Air recovery suction equipment knows as ARSE   which means you get the purest air. 

As every true romantic knows flowers wilt and wither after a few days. The Royal Wedding Day bottle of air will last for years.

You could keep it for a special occasion - maybe the birth of your first child , your own wedding. Or maybe a family celebration. 

The cap would be unscrewed and for just a moment you would bring a piece of british royalty to you event - its almost like having the royal family at your party. How amazing!

Royal Wedding Day Air  a sniff and smell gift!

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