How to sniff

Tradition dictates how one should take the air.

You must sniff straight from the bottle. This was common place in the old days of the British upper classes. 

Unscrew the bottle top in a non windy location

then immediately put the palm of your hand over the top of the bottle.


You must then make a toast to The Queen.

Now you can sniff , place your right nostril  over the opening and take a one second sniff,

then replace your palm and savour the moment whilst others look on -


You should make some comment about the smell of the royals at that point.


Now pass the bottle to the right to the next sniffer.

Remember not to over sniff, It is seen as very bad etiquette.

Any age can sniff, but we suggest under 10 year olds  are limited to 2 sniffs.

Never hold the opened bottle upside-down!  and don’t be tempted to put fake air in - you will be sent to the Tower!

Royal Wedding Day Air  a sniff and smell gift!

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