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About us

We have years of experience in event based radio.  

From Shopping Centres to Sports events to Festivals and much more.

In the UK hundreds of live OBs, and international locations such as Bermuda and New York.

We have  expert knowledge to bring your events to life on air and on line.



James is a highly expereinced broadcaster and still on air with the BBC. James has presented thousands of radio shows all over the world , BBC , Commercial, Local ,  and National stations. Done 100's of outside broadcasts bringing events to life- from Bermuda to New York ,to country fairs and festivals. Plus an experinced interviewer- from the man down the road to business leaders to 100s of celebrities 


Zoe  has worked in broadcasting for years, and is a born organiser who gets things done . Zoe  has worked for Channel 4 , The BBC, and ITV  along with industry leaders  and at the sharp end of live studio production. plus years as a radio producer


Lawrence is our technical geek. he will get us on air!  He has put 100's of radio stations together, the rest of the time he does the technicals making sure you can see all the election coverage on TV, both UK and USA elections, and that we can hear the Eurovision Song Contest! and multi skills as a broadaster.


For each new Wattcast Radio station we use reporters with a knowledge of the subject to help create the right story for you


All our presenters are experienced broadcasters often having been doing daily radio shows for years , we pick the most suitable for your event

Back up team

Some of the team will be on hand to add a welcome and smile , to help organise guests and make your station run smoothly. 

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