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WattCast Media provide specialist radio stations to targeted audiences. More than Radio, a complete audio service to let your clients know how great your event will be,  how great it is  when its happening, and how great it was after the event.




Events sound better with WattCast Media

Exciting locactions

Right in with the action

Lets make radio!
Your own Radio Station 

We can provide a radio station for your event. This can be totally customised to your needs.  A total on line service, to a live radio station at the centre of the action. A hub centre, where you can focus media and pr events,with a stage and PA system.



This is about creating a human feel to your event . We can put all your exhibitors on air and on-line, giving them extra impact to people that are real potential customers. Its a real endorsment of what your event is all about and add real value. 





Before your event
On Line - on mobile - on message

We can provide an audio stream to your website. This would include interviews with key personel, include relevant information to encourage your potential customers to come to your event.


The WattCast

A downloadable podcast - more than a radio ad, a 20 minute entertaining guide selling your event 

live radio for your event
On air live- on FM or on line or both

Whilst your event is underway  our team of experienced reporters and presenters will bring your event to life. This will give  your exhibitors extra exposure and value. Not a non stop music service but a highly informative  warm and friendly radio station. 

The daily WattCast

A daily update with highlights of the day from yourshow 

Your event lives on
On line after the event

After the show finishes our team will put together the best of show radio show. Adding value to the event and encouraging people to come to your next event.


Link to other sites

A comprenensive audio stream that could have dozens of interviews that would then link in to their sites 

online radio for your site
Your own online station

Bring your website to life with information and interviews in the form of a radio station - Up to date information key to your customers. Radio has a warm that can bring your product to life. 


Wattcast Podcast

Have your own on-line Wattcast Podcast , weekly/monthly to download, with infomation about you and your company presented by highly experienced  broadcasters, to engage listeners and potential customers.

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